Chiropractic Blogger…I Am

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I am a chiropractic blogger. I am a health and wellness blogger. I love fitness, movement, healthy food and a positive mental attitude. The question is, “Why does the rest of the world not?” The other day when I was people watching I was pondering this question. Then a thought came to my mind from […]

Why I Wrote 17,617 Words On Your Health

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After last week’s podcast titled “What is Health” went viral via Itunes, I received an outpouring of questions surrounding topics such as: What to eat, different exercises to perform, and how to write a positive self-affirmation. First off, Thank you to all who sent me a message… I love reading each and every email. However, […]

The Ultimate Post Workout Smoothie

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What is the best post workout smoothie around? Assuming you are coming off a great workout that burned a lot of calories, then this little beauty, which I call the Funky Monkey, will serve your appetite right. One small note: This shake can pack a punch calorie wise; as it can creep to over 600 […]

The True Cause of Plantar Fascitis

Fix Plantar Fascitis

Want to fix plantar fascitis? Maybe the fact is that you don’t have plantar fascitis at all? Read this story of a woman with heel pain and how I helped her to finally resolve her foot pain. Background: In walks this tall, beautiful woman into my clinic who has been complaining of right heel pain […]

Back Pain Cure


The intensity of back pain can range from a negligible constant ache to a full blown excruciating attack that hampers even daily activities. Most people, that is about 80%, experience it at one point or the other at some level of intensity. Patients with poor posture habits have a high rate of developing low back […]