Top 10 Chiropractic Research Articles

Chiropractic Research

Often times I am asked to validate Chiropractic care with patients or outsiders who may speculate the effectiveness of Chiropractic care. Here are the top 10 Chiropractic research articles from the last decade. Decreased Costs and Utilization of Medical Services with Chiropractic Care Spectacular decreases in the utilization of medical services and their attendant costs […]

Chiropractic Blogger…I Am

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I am a chiropractic blogger. I am a health and wellness blogger. I love fitness, movement, healthy food and a positive mental attitude. The question is, “Why does the rest of the world not?” The other day when I was people watching I was pondering this question. Then a thought came to my mind from […]

Why I Wrote 17,617 Words On Your Health

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After last week’s podcast titled “What is Health” went viral via Itunes, I received an outpouring of questions surrounding topics such as: What to eat, different exercises to perform, and how to write a positive self-affirmation. First off, Thank you to all who sent me a message… I love reading each and every email. However, […]