The Ultimate Post Workout Smoothie

Chocolata banana smoothie in a glass with straws

What is the best post workout smoothie around? Assuming you are coming off a great workout that burned a lot of calories, then this little beauty, which I call the Funky Monkey, will serve your appetite right. One small note: This shake can pack a punch calorie wise; as it can creep to over 600 […]

The True Cause of Plantar Fascitis

Fix Plantar Fascitis

Want to fix plantar fascitis? Maybe the fact is that you don’t have plantar fascitis at all? Read this story of a woman with heel pain and how I helped her to finally resolve her foot pain. Background: In walks this tall, beautiful woman into my clinic who has been complaining of right heel pain […]

Back Pain Cure


The intensity of back pain can range from a negligible constant ache to a full blown excruciating attack that hampers even daily activities. Most people, that is about 80%, experience it at one point or the other at some level of intensity. Patients with poor posture habits have a high rate of developing low back […]

How To Fix That Pain In Your Butt!


Every day people come into my office with complaints of low back pain and radiation into the posterior side of the leg. 99% of the time these individuals think they have true definition “sciatica.” According to the Mayo Clinic the true definition sciatica is: “Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic […]

Life Lessons for Graduating Students


Admiral William McRaven is a four-star admiral and commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (SEALS). He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1977, and immediately reported for SEAL training. A 36-year veteran of the Navy, Admiral McRaven has served in multiple countries and shares a few insights about leadership and never giving […]

What May Cause Back and Neck Pain


What May Cause Back Neck Pain Though cases of cervical neck pain is more infrequent as compared to lumbar pain, a large portion of the American population still undergoes neck pains that often come with arm pain. The majority of such cases may be healed in time with only the intervention of chiropractic manipulation. But […]

The Apple vs Lipitor


A recent study in the British Medical Journal asked the following questions: What would happen if everyone over 50 were offered a statin like Lipitor, and 70% complied? What would happen if everyone over 50 were told to eat an apple a day (or one extra portion of some fruit) and 70% complied (and assumingno […]